All the following provisions are in the line with the implementation of Article 13 of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control; in your country to what extent these provisions have been implemented? Please answer it in percentage.

1- Country

Male Female 2- Gender
0-100% 3- Banning retail sale and display of tobacco products:
0-100% 4- Adopting plain packaging with no design features:
0-100% 5- Banning internet sale:
0-100% 6- Banning brand stretching and brand sharing:
0-100% 7- Banning contribution from tobacco companies for socially responsible causes:
0-100% 8- Banning legitimate expression of tobacco companies:
0-100% 9- Banning depictions of tobacco in entertainment media:
0-100% 10- Banning communication within the tobacco trade:
0-100% 11- Meeting constitutional principles in relation to a comprehensive ban:
0-100% 12- Banning cross-border advertising, promotion and sponsorship originating from a Partyۥs territory:

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