Designing and running research projects related to tobacco control, based on nationۥs need

Designing and running research projects at national and regional level

Developing neccessary resources for tobacco control researches

Designing and running training programs in order to reinforce research activities for national and international groups

Running workshops of research management in order to reinforce health system researchers

Create and develop data bank about tobacco control

Follow-up and support for applicable projects in order to run, in the executive organizations

Communication with national and international research centers and universities in order to run educational and research common programs

Communication with TFI in EMRO in order to run regional programs

Communication with FCA and doing mutual collaborations

Collaborations with National Tobacco Control Committee and related national councils

Partnership and collaboration with NGOs in health field

Providing education and informational packages about tobacco prevention and control using new technology and releasing them

Training special and technical resources specially physicians in the line with tobacco control programs

Empowerment of scientific, research and executive resources working for tobacco prevention and control

Providing educational, treatment and counseling services of smoking cessation

Runnig training workshop of new methods in smoking cessation for health care works

Establishing specializes courses of MPHand PHDrelated to tobacco control and collaborating in order to run, develop and reinforce theprograms

Collaboration with executive organizations in monitoring and assessing tobacco prevention and control programs

Continuos assessing and evaluation of fulfilled activities

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